Plexr offers a soft-surgical alternative to certain cosmetic, anti-aging surgical procedures, performed exclusively by a Plexr approved medical doctor. Its most recognised use is for Blepharoplasty (eyelid/bag correction), and Face and Neck Lifts. However, it can also be used to treat and improve a wide range of skin conditions from pigmentation to acne, from scars to unwanted tattoos. It is suitable for men and women of all ages and all skin colours and types.


This is a soft-surgical procedure with no cutting and no sutures. Consequently, healing times are faster than those of standard cosmetic surgery and there is little or no downtime. However, this will be dependent on the area treated and your individual healing capability. For guidance only:

  • Day 1-3: Swelling and redness in the treated area. Regular ice packs are required.

  • Day 2-7: A protective crust develops over the area. This needs to be covered regularly with a foundation, which also helps to conceal the treated area.

  • Day 7 onwards: Whilst your new skin is healing, it must be protected with a high factor sunblock. See Post Plexr Care for more details.


Dr Mike will arrange a consultation prior to any procedure. You will be fully assessed and the procedure will be discussed in detail. Plexr is performed in his consulting rooms under topical anaesthesia using anaesthetic cream. The average treatment time is 30 minutes depending on the area and scope of treatment required. Most conditions can be treated in 1 session, although some may require 2-4 sessions for optimal results eg. tattoo removal. The results are permanent and after the healing your new skin will follow its natural aging process.


Due to its non-invasive technology, Plexr has very few risks as compared to traditional surgical or other soft-surgical procedures. These will be discussed at your consultation as they vary according to skin type and other medical factors.


The Plexr device creates plasma through the ionisation of atmospheric gas. Plasma is the ‘fourth state of matter’ in addition to solid, gas and liquid, and can be best described as ‘liquefied gas.’ The reaction results in a small electrical arc, which deconstructs components of the skin’s epidermis – a process called sublimation. Using the hand held device, a controlled, pin-point amount of energy can be focussed directly onto the targeted area to sublimate the epidermis accurately and efficiently. This encourages the formation of new skin with healthier collagen, creating younger, more elastic skin. The result (histologically proven) is that the skin surface is reduced and with healing, becomes smoother and tighter, with a dramatic improvement in texture and tone.

Due to the superficial action of Plexr, it is extremely safe. There is no passage of electricity or thermal damage to the deeper layers of the skin. Plexr is non-invasive, bloodless, reliable and safe.